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Inverter/Power/LED Driver<br>Adapters & Custom Solutions

Custom Backlight Cables are available to interface between your various backlight components. LCD Panels, Inverter Driver Boards, LED Driver Boards. Single Board Computers, Controlers, Embedded Motherboards. With so many differnt combinations, generally each application is unique to the project itself. However, this allows for the cable to be made application specific and custom refined for each customer.

Things to consider:
Custom adapters may be needed to convert existing backlight pig tail wires attached to a LCD so they can be mated to Inverter Driver Boards, or LED Driver Boards. These components are needed in all cases except when the LCD panel module has the backlight driver built in. If so, the input cable which delivers signals such as power and dimming is still required. In some cases LCD panels will only have (1) connector on them which contains both data and backlight signals. This cable generally yields a "Y" or "V" shaped cable. This is because the SBC (single board computer), Controller or Embeeded Motherboard generally has seperate DATA and BACKLIGHT connectors. All of these factors and many more yield the final cable design. This is where we come in. With over 10,000 unique cable designs that we can produce at an time we have the experience to help offer guidance and expertise where needed. 

- Lengths are customer specific
- Extensions
- Adapters
- DC Power Jacks and Plugs
- AC Power Cords (+ custom)
- AC Euro Power Cords (+ custom)
- All are Fully Customizable

Contact us to learn how we can assist you with your cable needs. At Quadrangle our Engineers are also our Sales team. You will work directly with our Application Engineers who will guide you through the entire cable process including your custom quote. We believe this helps to provide a superior customer experience from concept to turnkey solution. 

Confused? Don't be! More often than not our customers are unfamiliar with the process of acquiring a cable. Our Engineering/Sales support is FREE of charge! We make it as easy as possible to assist you with the design and requirements of your request. Starting with our custom quote, throughout the purchase, and with our continual support over the life of our products, we are sure we will be an asset to you and your company. We consider it our goal to take out most of the guess work providing a simple process resulting in a turnkey product we assure you will be satisfied with. 


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