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Custom Extensions
Round Wire - FFC - FPC

Custom Extensions<br>Round Wire - FFC - FPC

 Have a cable or pig tail that isn’t quite long enough? Does your LCD panel have a data cable built in that does't quite reach the driver board? Did your backlight come with a pigtail with only a few inches of wire? Touch screen cable not long enough to reach the controller? Is the pitch of the touchscreen pigtail different than whats on your controller? We may have the part you are looking for already available. If not, we can design a custom extension to fit your needs.

- Many solutions in stock
- FPCs
- FPCs to Round Wire, with signal scrambling as required
- FFCs
- FFC's to Round Wire, with signal scrambling as required
- Round Wire
- Backlight cable extensions
- Backlight cables can be extended and adapted
- Dice and Splice available
- Fully Customizable

Contact us to learn how we can assist you with your cable needs. At Quadrangle our Engineers are also our Sales team. You will work directly with our Application Engineers who will guide you through the entire cable process including your custom quote. We believe this helps to provide a superior customer experience from concept to turnkey solution. 

Confused? Don't be! More often than not our customers are unfamiliar with the process of acquiring a cable. Our Engineering/Sales support is FREE of charge! We make it as easy as possible to assist you with the design and requirements of your request. Starting with our custom quote, throughout the purchase, and with our continual support over the life of our products, we are sure we will be an asset to you and your company. We consider it our goal to take out most of the guess work providing a simple process resulting in a turnkey product we assure you will be satisfied with.



Product Number Description File
800-00151 QD23201-3 for 0.50mm 10 position
800-00155 QD23202-12 for 0.50mm 20 position
800-00152 QD23202-3 for 0.50mm 20 position
800-00153 QD23202-6 for 0.50mm 20 position
800-00154 QD23202-9 for 0.50mm 20 position
800-00148 QD23203-2 for 0.50mm 30 position
800-00149 QD23203-3 for 0.50mm 30 position
800-00150 QD23203-7 for 0.50mm 30 position
800-00134 QD23204-12 for 0.50mm 33 position
800-00131 QD23204-3 for 0.50mm 33 position
800-00132 QD23204-6 for 0.50mm 33 position
800-00133 QD23204-9 for 0.50mm 33 position
800-00137 QD23205-12 for 0.50mm 40 position
800-00135 QD23205-2 for 0.50mm 40 position
800-00136 QD23205-6 for 0.50mm 40 position
800-00145 QD23207-12 for 0.50mm 50 position
800-00146 QD23207-15 for 0.50mm 50 position
800-00142 QD23207-3 for 0.50mm 50 position
800-00143 QD23207-6 for 0.50mm 50 position
800-00141 QD23301-12 for 1mm 6 position
800-00140 QD23301-6 for 1mm 6 position
600-00010 QD6544 for 0.30mm 45 position
600-00020 QD9864 for 0.30mm 45 position
600-00022 QD9882 for 0.30mm 51 position


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