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Development Kits

Development Kits

Development Kits:
Quadrangle Products is now offering development kits for rapid prototyping. If you know the pinout of your cable and don't mind doing some assembly these kits can help you get your project off the ground fast! These kits come with crimped wires that can be inserted into connectors as needed for prototyping, proof of concept, and low volume quick turn projects. Kits can help you test your solution without the need to wait the typical lead time on a completed cable solution. Various connector and crimp combinations are available. Some kits are stocked, while other custom kits can be created quickly.


Product Number Description File
800-00156 QD23341 (MOLEX 51146-0500 TO JST PHR CRIMPS)
800-00157 QD23342 (JAE FI-S6S TO JST PHR CRIMPS)
800-00158 QD23343 ( JST SHLP-06V-S-B TO PHR CRIMPS)
800-00159 QD23344 (MOLEX 51021-0800 TO PHR CRIMPS)
800-00127 QD3657-KIT01 (JAE FI-X30H TO DF13 CRIMPS)
800-00128 QD3657-KIT02 (JAE FI-X30H TO DF13 CRIMPS)
800-00123 QDW2336-KIT01 (DF19G-20S-1C TO DF13 CRIMPS)
800-00124 QDW2338-KIT01 (JAE FI-S20S TO DF13 CRIMPS)
800-00125 QDW2338-KIT02 (JAE FI-S20S TO DF13 CRIMPS)
800-00126 QDW2395-KIT01 (DF14-20S-1.25C TO DF13 CRIMPS)


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