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New Development Kits for Rapid Prototyping

New Development Kits for Rapid Prototyping

Quadrangle is pleased to announce our new line of development kits for rapid prototyping! These kits come with crimped wires that can be inserted into connectors allowing you to assemble your own cable quickly. Check out the Development Kits section under products to see what is available.

Quadrangle is now tooled for cable bands!

Quadrangle is now tooled for cable bands!

Quadrangle Products is now tooled to work with cable bands. Attach a metal braid to your MIL type connector with 360 degree contact! If you are interested in a cable using a round MIL connector contact us on how a cable band can improve your design.

Quadrangle Now Supports eDP, Displayport, & Mini Displayport style Cables

Quadrangle Now Supports eDP, Displayport, & Mini Displayport style Cables

Quadrangle Products now supports eDP, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort style cables.  An increasing number of LCD panels are starting to incorporate the eDP style display interface for their display data connections, as opposed to the more commonly seen LVDS/TTL interfaces. Quadrangle products is tooled for common eDP, and standard DisplayPort connectors. We are also starting to carry stock on the more common eDP cables. As always, custom eDP/DP cables are also a possibility. Quadrangle's Engineers will help to guide customers through the various design and construction challenges that can be associated with eDP and DisplayPort Cables.

Quadrangle expands its 0.50mm pitch FFC/FPC to round wire adapter line (RT-700G kits)

The previous RT-700G kits had a maximum conductor count of 50 positions.  With our new FPC (QD16500AD), we have expanded the maximum conductor count up to 80 positions. These adapters are the necessary link for solutions which involve a 0.50mm pitch FFC/FPC peripheral that needs to be converted to round discrete wires.  The kits are provided with UL1571 28AWG flying discrete leads that can then be applied to standard crimped and poked style connectors.  Contact us for more information!

New Connectors and Crimp Terminals Quadrangle is now tooled for...

Quadrangle Products is pleased to announce we are now tooled for the following connectors and crimp terminals:

  • The JST ZPDR series of connectors, as well as the JST SZPD series of crimp terminals
  • The JST SHJP series of connectors, as well as the JST SSHJ series of crimp terminals
  • The CviLux CI14 series backlight power connectors, as well as the CI14T series of crimp terminals.

Halogen (PVC) FREE Wire for pending Environmental, Medical and RoHS 2 requirements

Quadrangle has acquired a new Cross Linked 28AWG PVC FREE hookup wire which can be used seamlessly, and interchangeably with the much more standard and common UL1571 PVC wire. In an effort to set the curve and continue to set an example as industry innovators, Quadrangle has begun implementing this wire 2 years prior to the pending environmental, health and RoHS 2 requirements.

- Inquire with our Engineering team if you would like to hear more about this new product.

Military Spec (MIL-STD/Mil-spec) Connectors

Quadrangle Products is now supporting and terminating cables to Round Military Spec (MIL-STD/Mil Spec) connectors frequently used in aerospace, industrial, marine and automotive applications.  Contact us today to see if we can work with the connector used in your design.



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